Which are the best museums in Lisbon?

Lisbon is full of stories to tell. The cultural heritage of the Portuguese capital is distributed among its numerous museums dedicated to art, science, the discoveries and even to characteristic elements of Portugal such as the Portuguese tile.

Some of Lisbon’s museums are relatively new, with light and modern architectural lines, while the more classic ones take you on a journey through time. However, if you are going to visit Lisbon for only a few days, it is impossible to visit all the museums in the city. For this reason, we have gathered the 5 best museums in Lisbon that you cannot miss!

  1. Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

When talking about the best museums in Lisbon, it is impossible not to mention the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, a museum devoted to modern Portuguese art and 20th-century British art. In the museum you can find works by such unforgettable names as Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso or Vieira da Silva.

Besides the art collections, the museum also has an extensive program of temporary exhibitions.


  1. Museum of Natural History and Science

The National Museum of Natural History and Science is perfect for all nature lovers!

In addition to a chemical laboratory of the 19th century and the various temporary exhibitions, in this museum you can still observe more than three thousand species of spiders, as well as butterflies, reptiles or insects. The museum’s botanical garden, designed in the mid-19th century, is also a must-see.


  1. National Coach Museum

Another of the best museums in Lisbon is located on Avenida da Índia and has the most important collection of royal cars and carriages from the 16th to the 19th century. The National Coach Museum takes you to past times, including spaces dedicated for permanent and temporary exhibitions.


  1. National Tile Museum

In the old Madre de Deus monastery, built in the 15th century, you can find the National Tile Museum. Inside the museum, you will get lost in a unique collection of various tile mosaics, which mirror the Portuguese culture and are, in the current days, a relevant symbol in decoration.

Do not miss the twenty-three meters of tiles, which are a living portrait of Lisbon!


  1. Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT)

Located in the Belém area, MAAT is one of the most recent and best museums in Lisbon, being a museum dedicated to contemporary art.

In addition to the various national and international exhibitions, another of the most appreciated features in this museum is its innovative structure and the viewpoint located at the top of it, excellent for photography lovers!


After visiting the best museums in Lisbon, and especially MAAT, you can take a short walk to the Alcântara Dock and end your day with a relaxing boat trip on the Tagus River. On these tours you can visit the entire coast of Lisbon, Cascais Marina and the coast of Estoril, while having some appetizers or cocktails with an amazing bar and catering service and listen to your favorite music with a music on board service.

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