Tours on the Tagus River for companies: What kind of events can you do?

Taking boat trips on the Tagus River is not something uniquely for private individuals. These tours can be availed by companies to carry out various corporate events, either to strengthen the relationship between their employees or with their clients.

There are already several companies that bet on the organization of increasingly personalized and creative events, with the Tagus River being one of the most popular places to do so, thanks to its beautiful landscape and the pleasant climate of Lisbon.

But what business events can be held in tours on the Tagus River? Find out now!

  1. Teambuilding and sailing workshops

Teambuilding events and workshops are a great way to create a more harmonious and united work environment. It is known that closer work teams are more productive, which positively impacts the results of your company.

These activities, such as small knots, navigation, or communications workshops, sailing art, signage by buoys, compass or even safety at the sea, can be carried out aboard a sailing cruise. These actions will equip your employees with navigation knowledge, while creating a greater team spirit.


  1. Business meetings and congresses

Tours on the Tagus River can also be availed to organize more personal and informal business meetings, or even complete congress programs.

There are several sailing cruises on the Tagus river with interior rooms below the deck, duly equipped to host business meetings or conferences with several dozen people. If you need audiovisual equipment, this can also be hired by the company that organizes the event. After the program ends, you can enjoy a relaxing lunch, cocktail or dinner on board!


  1. Presentations on board

If you want to introduce a new product or service, or even the new collection of your company, in a more original way, doing it aboard a sailboat along the Lisbon coast is the perfect solution!

Your guests will be delighted with the trip and will be much more apt to communicate with you about all the details regarding the new product or service. In addition, you can also lighten the mood of your event after the performance, choosing for example a musical group to perform, which will increase guests’ fun.


  1. Press conferences

Another good idea to organize on board long tours on the Tagus River are press conferences. These events are also held in rooms inside the sailboats, and all audiovisual equipment is provided.

In addition, you can also fraternize with the press on the boat deck, making your conference an unforgettable event.


At any of these events you can even add a more special touch by adding, for example, wine tasting, bar and catering service and even music on board.

To choose which events to bring to pleasant tours on the river Tagus, you must first think about the main objectives of your company, since to achieve results it is very important that the events chosen are fully aligned with your goals!

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