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6 things to do in Lisbon in February with your partner

February is considered by many as the month of love. And whether you’re more or less cheesy, the truth is that Valentine’s Day is coming, and you can make it a truly special occasion.

From restaurants with special menus, to spontaneous tours or cultural events, Lisbon has the perfect conditions for dating with your partner.

So, whether to celebrate Valentine’s Day or just to celebrate love, take advantage of this month to visit Lisbon with your loved one. With this list of things to do in Lisbon in February, you will have a lot of plans!

  1. A romantic walk through Lisbon

Take advantage of Valentine’s Day to stroll through the most romantic places in Lisbon.

Watch the sun set at S. Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint or Santa Luzia viewpoint or stroll peacefully through the Gulbenkian gardens. Another excellent plan is to visit the lush gardens, lakes and caves of Quinta da Regaleira, in Sintra!


  1. Relaxing massage for two

Another of the best things to do in Lisbon in February is a massage for two. In addition to relieving stress and relaxing, it creates the ideal romantic atmosphere for celebrate this date.

Take advantage of the various wellness spaces in Lisbon, where you can combine a massage for two made to measure.


  1. Does the girl dances?

Since Valentine’s Day will be on a Friday, why not invite your love to a night of dancing?

Even if you don’t know how to dance, what counts is the fun and the memories created! Go to a bar near your hotel or apartment or even to a dance school for a different evening.


  1. Going to the cinema

Make a note of going to the cinema as one of the things to do in Lisbon in February!

In Portugal, most films are not translated but subtitled, so you can go watch a good film and continue to understand everything that is said!

New movies are always appearing in the cinema, so see which one is your favorite!


  1. Celebrate love with a special dinner

Yes, it is the common plan but one of the mandatory things to do in Lisbon in February.

Cantinho do Avillez, in Chiado, Bastardo, in Lisbon downtown, or Seen by Oliver, on Avenida da Liberdade, are restaurants you can’t miss. For vegetarians, Arkhe is a good option.


  1. Sailing on the Tagus river

If you really want to surprise your loved one, book a sailing trip along the coast of Lisbon, starting and arriving at the Alcântara Docks!

See some of the main monuments in the city and the sunset from the Tagus river, while listening to your favorite music, which may include live performances. If you really want to personalize this day, on these boat trips you can also enjoy a bar and catering service, organizing a romantic dinner or lunch on board.


Open your heart to all these things to do in Lisbon in February and enjoy the month of love.

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