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Lisbon for business: 3 things to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit!

The next Web Summit edition in Lisbon will take place between November 4th and 7th in Parque das Nações, with the presence of several entrepreneurs and technology industry specialists, such as Microsoft CEO, Brad Smith, Rotating Chairman of Huawei, Guo Ping, or Wikimedia CEO, Katherine Maher.

In addition to traditional conferences, where you can learn how big companies face today’s technology challenges, Web Summit brings together CEOs and founders of the world’s largest companies, promising startups and influential investors, so it is a great opportunity for networking.

As you can see, missing out on this big event is something your company can’t do! So, if you are thinking of spending these days in the Portuguese capital with your employees, know some things to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit, which will make this experience even more remarkable.

The best business activities to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit!


  1. Join the Night Summit

In the evening of the first three days of the event, Web Summit organizes informal meetings between participants at some of Lisbon’s best bars and restaurants areas: the riverfront, the Pink Street and LxFactory!

Take the opportunity to talk with specific people you have heard during conferences and meet businesspeople in your field, building contacts that may be useful to you in the future.

This is also a great opportunity to relax and a chance for your employees to exchange experiences and knowledge with other workers of the same business area.


  1. Lisbon & Surroundings Tours

Another of the best things to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit is to take the opportunity to organize short city tours or visit its surrounding, bringing the whole company together for a fun time.

Even if your business is located in Lisbon, it will be interesting to join your employees for an informal stroll. You can visit typical Lisbon neighborhoods such as Bairro Alto or Alfama, visit monuments or museums, dine in a Fado house or go to the Estoril coast or Cascais.


  1. Boating with meals and team building events

Web Summit days can serve not only to enhance your company’s skills, but also to strengthen ties between everyone.

Thus, one of the things to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit that will undoubtedly liven up and unite your work team are workshops and team building activities. And in Lisbon, it is possible to do these activities while sailing in the Tagus river on tour boats: you can, for example, organize a Sailing Workshop, where the group will have to go through various thematic stations and learn from sailors various concepts of navigation.

In addition, you have the opportunity to organize a meal on board, accompanied by music, for a moment of pure socializing.


Web Summit Lisbon 2019 can be a time of great change for your company, and these three things to do in Lisbon during Web Summit will certainly help!

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