3 ideas for your next team building event in Lisbon

Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO or human resources manager, you know how important it is to motivate your work team to achieve company success. It was with this intention that the team building events – team activities, in which all your employees must participate and interact – have emerged.

In addition to contributing to cohesion among team members, team building events increase the levels of motivation, involvement, leadership and creativity most of all. All this results in a better performance and, therefore, in the increase of the productivity of the company!

Lisbon is the perfect city to organize your team building event, taking advantage of the many events and activities that take place in the city on a daily basis.

Is your company based in or around the Portuguese capital and do you intend on improving the interpersonal relationships of your employees? We present you with 3 ideas for your next team building event in Lisbon!


  1. Treasure hunt in the city

Treasure hunting is a task that, in addition to creating cohesion, elevates organizational and leadership skills. This is due to the inevitable challenges that occur: time, task and resource management and priority setting are just a few examples.

Although treasure hunting games are usually held in the countryside, why not innovate and create a treasure hunt in the heart of Lisbon? Hide a prize at one of the city’s best-known locations, monuments or cafes and get your work team to search for it. To do this, you only need to divide employees into groups and place clues at strategic city points.


  1. Sailing workshop

Another of the greatest ideas for your next team building event in Lisbon is the organization of a sailing workshop. Take advantage of the charm of the Tagus River and let your work team learn more about navigation while working as a team.

In these workshops, the group goes through various thematic stations (navigation, communications, art of sailing, float signaling, etc.), learning several navigation concepts with specialized sailors.

After learning, teams have a predefined amount of time to respond to a questionnaire, where speed and teamwork are the key. In the case of a tie, each team can be tested in a knot competition, where only one team can win!


  1. Knots workshop

Another activity that can be performed aboard a tour boat in Lisbon is a specific knots workshop. In this workshop, the goal is for your employees to learn about 6 to 8 knots, such as the Bowline Loop Knot, Figure of Eight Stopper, Clove Hitch and Sailor’s Knot.

Complementing this activity, a fun game of “human knots” can be performed, in which each group must eliminate all the knots of a cable, only with one hand. This exercise therefore requires teamwork so that all knots can be unrolled. The team that frees the fastest, wins.


Choose one of our ideas for your next team building event in Lisbon and feel the improvements in your company environment!

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