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Sunset cruise in Lisbon: make your stay in Portugal unforgettable!

Portugal is a country characterized by its long coastline and by the abundant marine fauna that lives in its waters. As such, the capital of the country – Lisbon – could not fail in being a city extremely connected to the sea, being bathed by the Tagus river, the largest river that flows into Portugal, with its source in Spain.

Right next to the city, the Tagus River flows hand in hand with some of the most touristic areas of the city, such as Belém, Terreiro do Paço or Parque das Nações. Thus, in the areas of Lisbon along the Tagus river you have access to beautiful landscapes during the day, but especially during sunset, as it makes the light of Lisbon more reddish over all its beautiful monuments.

But how to enjoy the Lisbon sunset to the maximum? The best way to enjoy the city in the late afternoon is through a sunset cruise in Lisbon, which will allow you to have a wider view of the whole city, getting you to glimpse the Portuguese capital in one of the most beautiful ways.


Where and how can I make my sunset cruise in Lisbon?

The Docks of Alcântara, in Lisbon, are the starting point of several boat trips that can be done at sunset.

You can take your sunset cruise in Lisbon just to get to know the city in a different way, or you can even enjoy this trip to celebrate some important moments of your life in this wonderful city! Whether it’s to celebrate your birthday with some of your best friends or even to host your bachelor party, you can customize your tagus river sunset cruise in Lisbon according to what you desire. Fun and a good mood are always guaranteed!

After booking your sunset cruise in Lisbon, you only have to choose the route that pleases you the most and embark on an unforgettable trip, where you will be able to see the city and some of its most famous monuments and bridges from a calm river.


Why is the tagus river sunset cruise in Lisbon so special?

The tagus river sunset cruise in Lisbon is one of the trips that visitors and tourists of Lisbon enjoy the most. Why? Especially during the summer, the Lisbon days are longer and warm, which increases the desire to know the city until the last sunbeam.

When it’s time to say goodbye, the sun gives a very special light to the city, making it even more beautiful and romantic. At the same time, since Lisbon has many of its monuments by the river, tagus river becomes one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the end of the day, through a boat trip that combines the beauty of the city with good music and a delicious and refreshing bar and catering service!


If you come to Portugal, do not miss this opportunity and book your sunset cruise in Lisbon, making your stay even more exciting and unforgettable!

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