5 ideas to enjoy the summer in Lisbon!

Temperatures are increasing and many are already taking a vacation to enjoy the hot days. If you are planning to visit Lisbon this summer, but do not know what to do in the Portuguese capital, we’ll give you a hand!

Although Lisbon is only a few kilometers away from fantastic beaches, there is no lack of city activities to enjoy your summer in Lisbon.

Get to know 5 ideas to make the most of the Portuguese capital during the summer!

  1. Eating snails by the Tagus River

If you are going to visit Lisbon, you need to know that summer in Lisbon means eating snails with friends on a terrace, late in the afternoon. And the good news is that there are lots of restaurants in Lisbon where you can join your friends or family for a good snack!

One of the best places to do this is at the Alcântara docks, where besides the magnificent view over the Tagus river, the climate tends to be cooler at the end of the day.


  1. Make photosynthesis in Lisbon gardens

Lisbon is full of green spaces where you can enjoy the sun and let the young ones play freely. Can you imagine a better plan than sitting on a park bench simply doing photosynthesis?

If you prefer, you can also take advantage of the shadows to read a good book, listen to music or even have a picnic. The Estrela Garden, the Botanical Garden of Lisbon or the Gulbenkian Garden are great for an afternoon of relaxation.


  1. Outdoor cinema

If it’s to make the most of your summer in Lisbon, there’s nothing like enjoying every second of your vacation.

Lisbon has warm days and pleasant evenings, so you can enjoy the summer to go to one of the many outdoor cinema sessions that take place in Lisbon. CineConchas or the Cine Society are outdoor cinemas that take place in the Portuguese capital during the summer months, with both classic movies and the latest ones.


  1. Shopping in downtown Lisbon

If you like a good afternoon shopping, Lisbon is the perfect place for a good vacation. Downtown Lisbon is full of shops where you can buy clothes, jewelry, footwear or even souvenirs and typical Portuguese products.

This summer in Lisbon, venture yourself through the downtown streets, marvel at the facades of the Portuguese capital and eat an ice cream!


  1. Refresh yourself on a river boat trip

During your summer in Lisbon, there is nothing better than to take a boat trip along the Tagus river, which, in addition of being refreshing, gives you a different perspective of the city and allows you to take some good photos!

Watch several important monuments of Lisbon in a sailing route through areas such as Belém and Parque das Nações, or venture out on boat trips to the outskirts of the city, such as the Cascais Marina or the Estoril Coast. In addition, you can liven up these touristic tours with a bar and catering service and music on board!


Summer in Lisbon can be super fun. From what you have already noticed, you will have many activities to do!

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