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Restaurants for group dinners in Lisbon: perfect places for a wonderful night

Portugal is one of the European countries most recognized for the quality and diversity of its gastronomy, as well as for welcoming everyone incomparably. As such, the Portuguese capital could not fail to be a real paradise when it comes to restaurants!

Over time, more and more restaurants have emerged in Lisbon, with varied gastronomic options, and some of them are suited to specific needs, such as group dinners. Whether it’s a company dinner, a bachelor party, a Christmas dinner or even a birthday celebration, all occasions are good for gathering family and friends. For this reason, we give you some suggestions of restaurants with large rooms where you can hold your dinner in the capital.

Find out the best restaurants for group dinners in Lisbon!

  1. La Pasta Fresca

If you are passionate about Italian food, La Pasta Fresca is the perfect restaurant to hold your group dinner. With tables for groups of about 40 people, in this Italian restaurant you can taste various specialties of fresh pasta, risottos, salads or even a delicious focaccia.

Located on 5 de Outubro avenue, in São Sebastião, La Pasta Fresca offers a relaxed atmosphere, conducive to conversation and good mood.


  1. Doca Seis Restaurant

Doca Seis Restaurant is located in the Alcântara Docks, next to the Tagus Bridge, being one of the restaurants for group dinners in Lisbon that offers you the best views.

In this restaurant, the specialties are typical Portuguese foods, such as seafood rice or pig secrets with asparagus crumbs.

Besides the large space, the restaurant also has special group menus for this type of dinners.


  1. Atalho Real

With a capacity for group dinners with a maximum of 35 people, in Atalho Real meat reigns supreme! Here you can choose from a wide variety of cuts of meat, served in the form of grilled steak, caco loaf or burgers.

Another strong advantage of this restaurant is the fact that it is in the old Ribeiro da Cunha palace, in Príncipe Real, overlooking to Lisbon’s Botanical Garden!


  1. Taverna d’Alcântara

Taverna d’Alcântara restaurant offers a huge variety of traditional Portuguese dishes in a cozy atmosphere. The restaurant organizes various types of parties, from birthday parties, baptisms, weddings and even bachelor parties, with several group menus specially created for this purpose.

The good location of the restaurant, in Gilberto Rola street, in Alcântara, makes this space even more inviting!


  1. Dinner on the Tagus river

If you are looking for good restaurants for group dinners in Lisbon, have you thought about organizing something completely different and taking your friends and family to dinner on the Tagus river?

In Lisbon, there are companies of boat trips on the Tagus river that hold various corporate and private events on board, including events with bar and catering service, which includes lunch or dinner options. This will undoubtedly be a different dinner overlooking several monuments and important areas of Lisbon. A different night to remember!


Choose which of these restaurants for group dinners in Lisbon best suit what you desire and have an unforgettable dinner!

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