How to organize unforgettable business meetings in Lisbon?

A very important part of any company’s success is the relationship established with customers. This relationship is often reinforced through business meetings, since it is in these events that you have the opportunity to establish a more personal communication with the client.

However, have you ever noticed that business meetings are almost always the same? An enclosed room, a table to gather, a computer to present some data, maybe a coffee and the meeting ends. Most of the time, you only communicate as a company, not as a person.

Organizing successful business meetings depends largely on how they are planned and prepared. Choosing a more creative program for your meeting not only manages to create a stronger relationship between you and your client, but it also increases productivity.

Do you have a company in Lisbon or is your client in the Portuguese capital? Learn how to organize memorable business meetings in Lisbon aboard a tour boat!


  1. Business meetings in Lisbon in a magical place

The environment you create is central to organizing successful business meetings. Since the meeting will be in Lisbon, take advantage of the excellent scenery of the Tagus river and invite your client to a meeting on a sailboat.

There are several tour boats which organize corporate events, including business meetings in Lisbon, and are empowered to give you the best of both worlds: fraternization and negotiation.

As you cruise the shores of Lisbon, you can have pleasant conversations with your clients, as well as be able to deal with the most serious matters in an elegant interior room below the deck, which seats 44 people. In addition, several nautical tourism companies also guarantee all the audiovisual equipment you may need.


  1. A break for a different lunch

After the meeting, take some time to relax and talk about lighter issues with your client. By organizing your business meeting aboard sailboats in the Tagus river, you can have a pleasant and relaxing lunch on the deck, seeing several of Lisbon’s imposing monuments.

Through a bar and catering service available on board, you can choose the meal in advance, depending on your taste or on your client’s suggestions. The same goes for the cocktails available on board!


  1. Music in the afternoon? Of course!

Unforgettable business meetings in Lisbon must include music! After lunch, enjoy the sunny days of Lisbon and relax in the afternoon with your client, adding to the sounds of the river some music on board.

All music styles are allowed: classic, traditional, latin, or your favorite Spotify playlist… it’s up to you! If you prefer live music or DJ, this can also be prepared.


Make your business meetings in Lisbon a special moment. Combine work with fun and see how your relationship with your customers will improve significantly!

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