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Lisbon Web Summit: business activities to do during the conference days!

The largest technology, innovation and entrepreneurship conference in Europe – the Web Summit – is back in Lisbon, between the 4th and 7th of November. From the presence of stands of various startups, which want to make themselves known to various audiences, to the talks with CEOs of large companies, at Lisbon Web Summit you will find the perfect environment to exchange ideas and get inspiration to improve your company!

However, while during the event schedule it is time to debate with other companies, once the conferences end you can take advantage to organize your own activities with your work team.

Take advantage of your stay in Lisbon and of this moment of innovation and dynamism to organize corporate events with your employees and give them inspiring and unforgettable moments. Since you are in Lisbon, the city of the Tagus river, it would be a great idea to organize activities on tour boats!


4 business activities to do with your company on tour boats!

If your company is going to attend the next Lisbon Web Summit, nothing better than to enter the spirit of the event and organize relaxing corporate activities at the end of the day.


  1. Business meetings

Organizing business meetings with your team after Web Summit can not only reinforce the team’s spirit and therefore the productivity of your company, but can also serve as a starting point to discuss among yourselves the topics spoken at the conferences.

Thus, you get the opinion of your team on the topics covered, drawing conclusions together on what can be adapted to your company.

  1. Wine tasting

After a day of conferences, nothing better than relaxing with your employees and discussing the themes learned in a wine tasting. Enjoy sailing along the Tagus River while enjoying fine Port Wines, Portuguese Wines or Natural Sparkling Wines.

The wine tasting will be presented by a professional sommelier in a relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Incentives and congresses

Another good leisure program to do during the Lisbon Web Summit 2019 is the organization of your own incentives and congresses.

You can organize a small congress with important personalities from the business and technological world, but only with your team or clients, bringing the debate at the most personal level. After the congress, everyone can unwind with a bar and catering service and music on board!

  1. Presentations on board

Since there are several companies and influential personalities that will be in Lisbon during the Web Summit, why not take this moment to introduce new products?

Take advantage of the affluence that is going to happen in Lisbon and launch your new collection, a new product or a new service in a unique and original way, sailing along the Lisbon coast. To accompany this moment, you can have some cocktails and choose a musical group to perform at the event.


Lisbon Web Summit will bring countless opportunities that you can take advantage to benefit your company. Whether for employees or clients, start thinking about the corporate event that you will organize in November!

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