The best activities for a Lisbon solo travel

Are you making your first Lisbon solo travel? Do not panic! Traveling alone brings you several benefits that you may never have noticed.

If you are traveling alone, you have complete freedom to do things your way: the places to visit and the times to do so are entirely up to you, so you can organize your days without any pressure. At the same time, traveling alone will naturally give you greater openness to interact with other travelers and the local people, and you’ll see how much more self-confident and open to new experiences you’ll feel when you return to your home country!

If you still don’t know what to do alone in Lisbon, check out some activities that will make your stay so much more fun!

4 activities you can’t miss if you’re about to start your Lisbon solo travel!

There are many reasons to enjoy Lisbon for your own, and with the activities we have for you, you will never feel alone.


  1. Explore the city by tram

Lisbon’s trams run through various touristic routes in the city, stopping at places such as Martim Moniz Square, Campo de Ourique, Alfama, Baixa-Chiado, Príncipe Real or Santos, and points of interest such as the Lisbon Cathedral, Santa Luzia viewpoint or the Estrela cathedral.

You just have to look for the routes that interest you, buy a ticket for the desired day, and venture into the Portuguese capital!


  1. Relax in the green spaces of the city

If you took a vacation or a weekend to make your Lisbon solo travel with the goal of relaxing, list these gardens in your notebook!

The Torel Garden, the only one in Lisbon with individual garden benches, the Gulbenkian Garden, where you can enjoy the company of several ducks, or the Monsanto Garden, ideal for morning jogging, are perfect for breathing fresh air and relaxing.


  1. Discover Lisbon’s restaurants without having to share your dessert with anyone!

If you’ll do a Lisbon solo travel, be aware that mealtimes can become the biggest of conviviality. In Portugal, people are extremely friendly and always available for a good conversation while tasting the Lisbon snacks.

And the best part? There are several restaurants with shared tables in Lisbon, where you can end up making new friends. However, leave the dessert just for yourself!


  1. A boat trip on the Tagus river

Going to Lisbon without navigating the Tagus river should not be allowed! There are tour boats that depart daily from the Alcântara Docks, with various sailing routes that take you to discover the city from a new perspective.

Take advantage of these boat rides to talk with the rest of the passengers while watching the monuments of the Belém area, Paço D´Arcos beaches, the busy life of Terreiro do Paço or the cable cars of Parque das Nações. To do this, you just have to contact a nautical tourism company and book your place!


Your Lisbon solo travel can be a good starting point for spending more time with the most important person in your life: you. Have fun in all these activities!

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