Leão Holandês Captain distinguished with a Vote of Praise by the Lisbon City Council!

Dirk Willem Gesink, captain of Leão Holandês and founder of the company Gesink Naútica, to which Leão Holandês sailboat belongs, was recently distinguished by the Lisbon City Council with a Vote of Praise, for its pioneering and huge contribution to maritime tourism in Portugal.

Dirk Gesink was the first to bring Nautic Tourism to Lisbon, over 30 years ago, and is now unanimously distinguished for having revolutionized maritime tourism in the Portuguese capital, placing it on a par with other European capitals. The public Vote of Praise to Dirk Willem Gesink also aimed to distinguish the important work he develops in the maritime industry in Lisbon and the magnificent contribution that he has made in publicizing the city.

The Vote of Praise award took place aboard Leão Holandês, on the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Sailing Trip, being handed by Ambassador Nienke Trooster and initiative taker, Thomas Hall de Beuvink.

The event was also supported by Gesink Turismo Náutico, Central Cervejas, serving beers and Luso refreshments to guests, Ana Borba Catering (owner of Pastanaga restaurant, in Santos), responsible for the delicious food at the event, and Sérgio Neves and Helena Martins, responsible for the music on board!

We sincerely congratulate Dirk Gesink and all his crew for receiving this distinction!

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