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How to create a Team Building event in Lisbon?

Team Building has been one of the most impressive concepts in the business environment, especially when related to the management and motivation of work teams.

This idea is related to the fostering of team spirit through the promotion of interaction and cooperative activities among a company’s employees, in order to lead to a greater knowledge and cohesion among them.

Thus, Team Building events are often associated with problem solving as a team, leadership, communication, task and time management and creative thinking.

These events can be adapted to various types of budgets and can correspond to several experiences, such as radical activities, strategy games, thematic celebrations, social responsibility actions or even workshops.


What are the benefits of Team Building?

Team building events bring huge benefits to corporate culture. Such events create trust among employees, reduce conflicts, encourage communication, and increase the spirit of collaboration and mutual aid.

In addition to improving the way employees interact with each other, effective Team Building leads to greater employee commitment to the company, as well as greater enthusiasm and motivation, leading to better results in the work developed and to higher levels of productivity.

Learn how to create a good Team Building event!

Organizing Team Building activities is one of the most important investments companies can make to improve the work environment and to promote productivity.

But how do you create an event that really motivates your work team?

  1. Choose an outdoor location

Team Building events can be developed in various environments, such as in the company itself, in the field, on the beach or even aboard a boat.

However, if you really want to deepen the social links between your workers, you should give them a different and playful day! The most successful Team Building events are those that take place outside the corporate space, in an informal environment conducive to share experiences and relaxation.

  1. Link Team Building events to company policies

Team Building activities should have a playful-emotional component and be based on shared goals. However, these activities should provide more than fun and should be framed with corporate philosophy, values and practices.

This way, it will allow workers to more easily transport learning goals to the business environment.

  1. Expert guidance

All events should be expert-led, involving the participants in a pedagogical and emotional way.

Such specialists will enable you to develop positive group dynamics, maximizing participant learning.

  1. Organize reinforcement activities

Passeios de Barco no tejoTeam Building events should always be followed by reinforcement activities, so that the acquired team spirit is continuously reinforced and the attitudes learned are progressively internalized by employees.

Such reinforcement activities may correspond to annual Team Building activities or even regular informal events in the workplace, which is allow you to maintain the motivation and morale of your employees.



With so many benefits and opportunities, Team Building is something you should definitely bet on!

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