Discover an unforgettable nightlife in Lisbon! 3 fun activities you can’t miss

The nightlife in Lisbon is to be enjoyed to the fullest! From the historic districts of the city to the Tagus river, everything can be availed to carry out fun activities and fraternize, while getting to know the Portuguese capital.

Since Lisbon is one of the safest European capitals, you can stroll around and enjoy the night until dawn, starting as soon as the sun goes down.

Lisbon nights are lively, especially at weekends, so you can take advantage of your holidays in Lisbon to get to know the city at night. To help you, we’ll tell you 3 fun activities to do in Lisbon that will make your night even more special!

  1. Bars and restaurants in Lisbon by the Tagus river

The Portuguese capital is full of bars and restaurants that brighten the nightlife in Lisbon.

In fact, there is nothing better than finishing the day by gathering your best friends or family in a restaurant near the river and enjoying the last sunbeams. Whether in Parque das Nações or in Alcântara dock, there are several restaurants near the Tagus river where you can enjoy a typical Portuguese dish.

To take a little dance after dinner, you can go to the famous Bairro Alto, relaxing in one of the many bars in the neighborhood. Near the Tagus river, in the Santos area or the Alcântara dock, there are also several bars and nightclubs of reference.


  1. Listen the typical Portuguese Fado

Going on holiday to Lisbon without visiting a Fado house would not be the same. Taking advantage of the nightlife in Lisbon means going to one of the city’s many Fado nights, in its most typical neighborhoods, such as Alfama, Bairro Alto, Madragoa, Mouraria or Graça.

In addition to the typical Fado houses in Lisbon, you can also listen to the Fado in the streets or even in museums and small taverns with live performances. Considered an immaterial heritage of humanity by UNESCO, Fado is a symbol of Portuguese culture and popular music and will surely win you when you watch a live performance!


  1. Evening cruises in Lisbon

If you want to do something truly different in the Portuguese capital and enjoy the nightlife in Lisbon, what about a sailing cruise on the Tagus River?

Several trip boats depart daily from the Alcântara dock, with tours that can have the duration of 2:30h minimum until a full day. As such, you can enjoy a wonderful dinner cruise at sunset, choosing the sailing route that suits you best: you can sail through the area of Belém and observe famous Lisbon monuments, go to Parque das Nações , sailing to/from Cascais and even along the coast of Estoril.

In addition to the tourist trips, you can also organize various private events on the sailboats, such as weddings, baptisms and birthdays, student reunions or stag/hen parties.


All these fun activities will make living the nightlife in Lisbon truly unforgettable!

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