How to organize corporate tours in Lisbon?

Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of providing differentiated experiences to their employees and/or customers, for example through the organization of corporate tours.

This investment in the recognition of your work team and clients is fundamental to the success of your business, since it creates good memories together, improves communication, makes your company more personal and even your employees and customers much more committed to the company.

However, these team tours should be organized with the utmost care, so that your main benefits are achieved. Since in Lisbon there are several corporate tour possibilities to choose from, knowing what and how to organize is decisive. That’s why we’ll give you all the essential steps to organize successful corporate tours in Lisbon!


  1. Which type of corporate tours carry out?

One of the first decisions to make when organizing a corporate tour is the event’s primary goal.

In this way, you should determine if your event will be a corporate tour for employees (including team building activities) or for clients, covering events such as business meetings, new product/service presentations, congresses and incentives or press conferences.

Choosing the type of event is imperative as this will guide all the next organizational steps of your tour.


  1. Choosing a location

Since the offer of corporate tours in Lisbon is wide-ranging, planning the location of the tour can become a difficult decision.

The location of your corporate tour should be adapted to the objectives of the tour, in addition to being a creative and welcoming place. For this reason, a great place to take your company’s tour is on board a boat tour on the Tagus River! It creates a relaxed atmosphere with a magnificent landscape involving it!


  1. Extra services? Select them!

Another essential point when organizing corporate tours in Lisbon is the establishment of all the extra services you need for the event. This may include, for example, bar and catering service, music on board for a more informal environment, rooms with capacity for a given number of people or even audiovisual equipment.

Define what you really need and contact the company that will organize your corporate tour in order to confirm if they have the ability to provide you with everything you need!


  1. Enjoy to the fullest

After choosing the type of corporate tour you will organize, the place where it will be held and all the extra services that will be included in the event, you only have to enjoy it together with your guests.

Aside from dealing with business issues, by chatting openly at a relaxed lunch or dinner, or even kicking a dance floor together, you’ll see how your employees and/or customers will get a lot closer to your business.


With all the benefits you can bring to your company through corporate tours in Lisbon, there is nothing holding you back. Start contacting some companies that organize these kind of events today!

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