Why should you organize a corporate lunch cruise in Lisbon?

Business meetings are not what they used to be. Business topics no longer have to be dealt within four walls, in a closed meeting room. Nowadays, discussions can happen in the most varied places.

In fact, a more relaxed place to hold business meetings, or other business events such as conferences or presentations of new products, creates a more conciliatory environment, allowing you and your business partners not only to negotiate but also to fraternize.

Now that summer has arrived, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the warmth of the Portuguese capital and turn a business meeting into a corporate lunch cruise in Lisbon. This is a way of making a difference in your work meeting, generating more comfort and confidence in your business partners.

Lisbon: the perfect city to organize your business meeting

lisbon sightseeingIf your business partner is in Portugal, you are both at similar distance from the country, or you just want to have a more personalized and refined work meeting, Lisbon is the perfect option to do it!

With a temperate climate and, during the summer, with the sunset only at 9pm, Lisbon is the perfect setting for an outdoor business meeting. In addition, Lisbon is the city where the Tagus River flows, the most extensive river of the Iberian Peninsula, forming a beautiful estuary that can be used by you to create a working meeting with unique landscapes.

For example, when organizing a corporate lunch cruise in Lisbon, you can deal with important work matters while you navigate the shores of Lisbon and see beautiful and famous monuments of the city, such as the Belém Tower, the Monument to the Discoveries, Jerónimos Monastery or the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology.


How to organize a corporate lunch cruise in Lisbon?

leão holandês passeio refeiçãoThere are several sailing cruises in the capital where you can organize your corporate lunch cruise in Lisbon. The best thing is to do some research, looking for companies with the services that best suit your needs.

The ideal thing to do is to contact a company that organizes corporate events on board and that provides, in addition to lunch, other services and equipment that may be necessary for your business meeting. You may, for example, need a more elegant interior room, where you may be more comfortable to meet with your partners without noise. Likewise, you are also likely to need audiovisual equipment or other technologies, which can be hired by the company where you conduct your corporate lunch cruise in Lisbon.

In addition to these services, it is still important to add a more relaxed atmosphere to your business meeting, with music on board and a bar and catering service, with various cocktails and appetizers. Thus, it is also essential to make sure that the boat company offers this type of services.


Give your business partners a rewarding and unforgettable business meeting and organize your corporate lunch cruise in Lisbon, personalized with all the services that your business needs!

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