Why hold your company’s summer events aboard a tour boat?


Hot days are here to stay and can be used by your business for a variety of purposes!

For example, you can give your employees a different day by hosting teambuilding events and workshops, as well as hosting an event dedicated to your customers and partners, such as business meetings, new product presentations, incentives and congresses, or even a wine tasting event. This may also be a good time to hold that media meeting you’ve been wanting to hold for so long, by organizing an unique press conference.

In fact, summer is the best time of year to host corporate events, as the hot days are perfect for socializing and there is no risk that the event will be ruined by the weather.

If your business is in Lisbon and you want to make your summer events truly creative and unforgettable, there’s nothing like organizing them aboard a sailboat. Here’s why!

Organize corporate summer events aboard a sailboat? Of course!

In the current days, several of the day-trip boats departing from the Alcântara docks are fully prepared to host and organize your company’s summer events.


  • All amenities on board

Holding your summer events aboard a sailboat by the Tagus river does not mean losing comfort or not using certain equipment.

On these tour boats, you will be able to use not only the deck but also an elegant interior room that can seat 44 people if you need more privacy. Similarly, all necessary audiovisual equipment can also be hired by the company of your choice.

These companies also offer a bar and catering service with various options for cocktails and drinks and the possibility of organizing lunch, dinner or buffets. To make your summer event even more unforgettable, you can also hire an onboard music service, either Spotify or live music.


  • More relaxed atmosphere

Have you ever imagined navigating the banks of the Tagus river while closing a deal or improving the relationship between your employees?

Organizing business events aboard a sailboat makes the whole environment much more informal, which allows for greater ease and conviviality among the participants, thus contributing to the establishment of lasting corporate relationships.


  • You can choose the route that suits you best!

When you organize summer events on boat trips around Lisbon, you are not conditioned to a single landscape!

You can choose your favorite sailing route along the Lisbon coast: you can travel through the area of Paço de Arcos, Belém, Alcântara or even Parque das Nações, and have the opportunity to sail to/from Cascais or the Estoril coast, making it possible to combine tours to Cascais, Sintra and its surroundings.


Did you have now many ideas for your business event on the Tagus River? Contact a nautical tourism company and organize your summer events!

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