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4 ideas to liven up the company’s Christmas dinner

Christmas time is perfect to foster conviviality among the employees of your company. The season itself already symbolizes unity, but there are many of themed events and activities that you can organize so that your team gets to know each other better outside the office.

By this time, one of the events you can’t help but organize is the typical company’s Christmas dinner! However, this often becomes a too formal event, where the central conversation’s theme is work, which ultimately demotivates employees to attend.

In this sense, your goal should be to create a memorable and relaxed event, so that everyone feels excited and satisfied. These 4 tips can help you!

  1. Exchanging Christmas gifts? Yes!

Although already a cliché, this is undoubtedly one of the most fun initiatives you can organize at your company’s Christmas dinner.

Exchanging gifts between workers, using the well-known secret friend method, not only provides a relaxed moment during the event but also allows employees to try to get to know each other better.

Frequently, in order not to fail with the gift offered, employees try to indirectly understand what their secret friend likes, which increases communication!


  1. Organize the company’s Christmas dinner in a different place!

However well-intentioned, it is a mistake to organize your company’s Christmas dinner in the workplace.

If your company is based in Lisbon or if you are planning to organize your Christmas dinner in the Portuguese capital, different options abound! To escape the typical dinner in a restaurant, organize your dinner event aboard a tour boat on the Tagus River, with a delicious bar and catering service and music on board.

You can choose from various types of services, from cocktails to buffets, with all meals and drinks being pre-selected and adapted to the needs of your company.

If you prefer, you can also add to your event a wine tasting of Port wines, Portuguese wines or natural sparkling wines.


  1. Some games to liven up the dinner

A good idea to liven up the company’s Christmas dinner is to organize simple games that involve employees.

If you want to make these games even more useful for the company, give them a more personal feel and make each worker talk a little more about themselves.

How? You can, for example, start the game “Two Truths and a Lie” in which each person tells three personal stories – two are true, the other will be a lie. The rest of the group should guess which story was made up.


  1. A surprise at the end of the night…

After dinner, how about to give your work team a surprise?

Such surprise can range from the transmission of a thank-you video with photos of the best moments lived in the company, as well as an after-dinner activity, such as a game of bowling.


There is nothing better for a company than a united and motivated work team. Follow these 4 tips to increase interaction among your employees and make your company’s Christmas dinner the event of the year!

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