5 activities to do in Lisbon after quarantine

The current period of social distancing or quarantine has led many people to rethink the little value they often attributed to simple pleasures in life, such as the possibility of taking a walk outdoors, having a dinner with friends or going to the cinema with the whole family.

Although it is extremely important that you stay at home for a while longer, and that you go out with extreme caution even when the contingency measures against COVID-19 soften, you must maintain a certainty: if we all collaborate, life will return to normal life!

You will be able to visit Portugal soon and enjoy the best that the Portuguese capital has to offer. So, thinking about better days, which will certainly arrive soon, we have gathered 5 activities in Lisbon, for you to enjoy the most after the quarantine!

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Sailboat tours in Lisbon for companies: Organize your event with Leão Holandês

Through Lisbon, there are several boat trips that depart daily from the Alcântara Docks, with the most varied routes.

These tours are usually full of tourists who yearn to see the Portuguese capital in an original way. However, it is possible to embark on sailboat tours in Lisbon without tourism purposes!

At Leão Holandês, we organize various corporate events on board our sailboats, with conditions and services capable of creating the perfect atmosphere to differentiate your company.

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5 things to do in Lisbon in March

Spring is coming and the days are starting to get longer, which makes everything more conducive to enjoying a weekend or even a short vacation in Lisbon.

There are many activities and different spaces to discover in the Portuguese capital, which are perfect for relaxing with family or friends.

Let yourself be carried away by the Portuguese capital’s charm with these 5 things to do in Lisbon in March!

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Boat trips on the Tagus river: the perfect plan for companies and tourists!

Increasingly appreciated, there are several boat trips on the Tagus river that take place daily in Lisbon, departing from the Alcântara docks.

These boat trips are carried out on sailboats that comply with the most demanding international safety rules and have the capacity to accommodate groups of up to 75 people. Depending on the sailboat, the minimum duration of a tour can vary between 2:30h to 3h, and there are several services that you can add to your trip, personalizing it to your needs.

If you have not experienced the sensation of sailing on the Tagus river aboard a sailboat, find out what these tours include and why they are suitable for both companies and individuals!

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6 things to do in Lisbon in February with your partner

February is considered by many as the month of love. And whether you’re more or less cheesy, the truth is that Valentine’s Day is coming, and you can make it a truly special occasion.

From restaurants with special menus, to spontaneous tours or cultural events, Lisbon has the perfect conditions for dating with your partner.

So, whether to celebrate Valentine’s Day or just to celebrate love, take advantage of this month to visit Lisbon with your loved one. With this list of things to do in Lisbon in February, you will have a lot of plans! Read more

Passeios de barco no tejo

5 things to do in Lisbon in January

Starting a new year means a lot of new opportunities to try new things, explore new places and even go back to activities you haven’t done for a long time.

And in Lisbon, 2020 will never be boring! If you are visiting Lisbon in January, there are plenty of indoor alternatives to choose from, so the cold of January won’t stop you from having fun during your vacation in the Portuguese capital.

Discover some of the best things to do in Lisbon in January without getting frozen!

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6 things to do in Lisbon when it rains

It is already winter and of course rain is part of this season. The truth is that it is likely to be a gray, windy and rainy day if you will visit Lisbon during the coming times.

But do not worry! There are many things to do in Lisbon when it rains, and the Portuguese capital remains one of the best winter destinations. Discover 6 alternative plans to enjoy your stay in Lisbon, even with rain.

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4 ideas to liven up the company’s Christmas dinner

Christmas time is perfect to foster conviviality among the employees of your company. The season itself already symbolizes unity, but there are many of themed events and activities that you can organize so that your team gets to know each other better outside the office.

By this time, one of the events you can’t help but organize is the typical company’s Christmas dinner! However, this often becomes a too formal event, where the central conversation’s theme is work, which ultimately demotivates employees to attend.

In this sense, your goal should be to create a memorable and relaxed event, so that everyone feels excited and satisfied. These 4 tips can help you!

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It’s Christmas in Lisbon! Find out the best things to do in December in the Portuguese capital

It’s never early to start celebrating the best time of year: Christmas!

This is a time to gather family and friends on fun programs and outings, reinforcing bonds and creating memories to recall later.

In Lisbon, Christmas has already reached the shops and the streets, with many activities and events taking place over the next few days that promise to liven up the city. If you are planning to visit Portugal on this Christmas holidays, discover the best things to do in December around the Portuguese capital and make the most of Christmas in Lisbon!

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What to do for two days in Lisbon?

The autumn months are perfect to get to know Lisbon! Tourism is lower at this time, compared to the hot months, and you can enjoy the Portuguese capital with more tranquility without losing the sunny days, which are still felt.

Lisbon is definitely a dream city, and it’s not just for the good weather or for the good access and mobility. The Portuguese capital is also full of museums and historical monuments, cultural events and delicious cuisine, offering visitors everything they are looking for in a tourist destination.

Even if you do not have many days of vacation, be sure you visit this city this year! If you plan the time well, two days in Lisbon is enough to know much of the city. Today we give you a hand!

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