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Alternative tours in Lisbon: get to know the capital in a different way

Most of the tourists who visit the Portuguese capital, usually end up exploring the most well-known touristic spots, such as downtown Lisbon, Belém, Parque das Nações or even Bairro Alto.

Although these places will tell you a lot about Lisbon’s history, they are also the most crowded places and therefore the least propitious to relax and truly enjoy the city atmosphere.

Some alternative tours in Lisbon can show you the city in a different and surprising way. Getting to know Lisbon means living the culture of the city and the best it has to offer: hiding places on viewpoints and typical streets, the river and the sun. Find out which tours you should do during your stay in Lisbon!


  1. Getting to know Lisbon by Tuk Tuk

Although it is already a popular means of transportation for tourists, Tuk Tuk tours allow you to make several personalized circuits all over Lisbon.

In fact, in addition to visiting the most well-known places in the Portuguese capital, you can also make alternative tours in Lisbon, focusing only on the city’s sights, in the hidden neighborhoods or even creating your own itinerary. You can also define how long the tour will take and you will always be accompanied by a guide that will tell you some of the particularities of each point of the tour. Some stops are also allowed during the trip, for photos and to enjoy the scenery!


  1. Romantic Horse Rides

If you are spending a vacation or a weekend in Lisbon, why not take a day to get away from the center and do a horse ride in Lisbon?

Sintra is perhaps the most romantic Portuguese village, located about 40 minutes away from the city. In Sintra you can choose from several horse or carriage rides, discovering the quieter side of the Lisbon district in the narrow and beautiful streets mentioned by great Portuguese writers such as Eça de Queirós.


  1. Boat trips along the Lisbon coast

Visiting Lisbon without getting in touch with the Tagus river should be unthinkable. The Tagus river is part of the history and personality of the city, being a privileged place to know Lisbon.

Located side by side with some of the most important tourist attractions, such as Terreiro do Paço or Belém, the Tagus river gives you a unique view of the city, when making boat trips customized according to your needs and in which you can even cooperate with the crew, handling the sails and navigational instruments.

At your disposal, you will have several routes of different durations, spanning from a minimum of 2:30 hours to a full day. Usually, the tours start at the Alcântara dock, and you can opt for shorter trips to see several important monuments of Lisbon, such as the routes between Santa Apolónia and Belém or between Alcântara and Paço d’Arcos, or you can choose longer tours in Lisbon, as between Lisbon and Expo, Lisbon and Cascais or even sailing along the coast of Estoril, starting your route in the Marina of Cascais.


Choose one of these relaxing tours in Lisbon and make your stay in Portugal a memorable experience!

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