5 activities to do in Lisbon after quarantine

The current period of social distancing or quarantine has led many people to rethink the little value they often attributed to simple pleasures in life, such as the possibility of taking a walk outdoors, having a dinner with friends or going to the cinema with the whole family.

Although it is extremely important that you stay at home for a while longer, and that you go out with extreme caution even when the contingency measures against COVID-19 soften, you must maintain a certainty: if we all collaborate, life will return to normal life!

You will be able to visit Portugal soon and enjoy the best that the Portuguese capital has to offer. So, thinking about better days, which will certainly arrive soon, we have gathered 5 activities in Lisbon, for you to enjoy the most after the quarantine!

  1. Going to a Fado house

Fado rules the streets of Lisbon, mixing the emotional words of the singers with the unique melodies of the classical Portuguese guitars. Because it is so related to the feeling of “saudade”, listening to Fado is really one of the activities in Lisbon that best suits the post-quarantine period.

Gather family and friends and have a good Portuguese snack in one of Lisbon’s Fado houses, while listening to great songs.


  1. Visit the best museums in Lisbon

Whether it is the Berardo Collection Museum, the National Tile Museum, the Fado Museum or the Chiado Museum, after the quarantine the time has come to discover the museums that you always wanted so much to visit in Lisbon.

Find out all the treasures of Lisbon, even if you have to venture alone in these activities in Lisbon!


  1. A night with friends in Bairro Alto

After the quarantine is over, we bet that what you most want is to celebrate life with your best friends.

Lose yourself on the streets of Bairro Alto, catch up, laugh, dance and have fun as you haven’t been able to for a long time. And don’t forget to repeat the plan!


  1. Eating a freshly made Pastel de Nata

Due to COVID-19, the manufacture and commercialization of the famous Pastéis de Belém has stopped.

However, this is one of those activities in Lisbon that already returned to normal. So, it’s the perfect opportunity to eat 1 or 2 warm Pastéis de Nata again!


  1. Enjoy Lisbon’s landscapes, on a boat trip on the Tagus river!

When you can safely go outside, take the opportunity to take that boat trip on the Tagus river that you always wanted to do!

You can choose the sailing route that suits you best: sailing from the Dock of Alcântara to places like Parque das Nações, Paço D’Arcos, Santa Apolónia or Belém, or even to/from Cascais, sailing along the Estoril coast.

If during the quarantine you wasn’t able to celebrate your birthday as you would like, you can also take advantage of this boat tour to hold an event, with right to a bar and catering service and music on board!


The enthusiasm felt when carrying out these activities in Lisbon will be much greater after these months of social distancing. And, don’t forget again: never leave for tomorrow what you really like to do!

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