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6 things to do in Lisbon when it rains

It is already winter and of course rain is part of this season. The truth is that it is likely to be a gray, windy and rainy day if you will visit Lisbon during the coming times.

But do not worry! There are many things to do in Lisbon when it rains, and the Portuguese capital remains one of the best winter destinations. Discover 6 alternative plans to enjoy your stay in Lisbon, even with rain.

  1. Snack in a cozy café

Rainy days call for a reinforced snack in a cozy café and fortunately, in Lisbon, there are a lot of options.

From the healthiest to the most tempting menus, you just have to choose what you desire! Many of these cafes also have seating areas with armchairs and sofas where you can socialize with your friends in total comfort, while sipping a hot drink.


  1. Relax at the SPA

Since rain can be very depressing, take a full day of leisure to pamper yourself!

Having a massage or relaxing in a jacuzzi, a sauna or in a Turkish bath is one of the things to do in Lisbon when it rains that you cannot miss. There are many hotels in Lisbon with SPAs to go into Zen mode.


  1. Join friends in an Escape Room

The concept is already well known: closing in a room with a group of friends and trying to get out by solving an enigma.

If you like suspense and fun, just head to downtown Lisbon and find different Escape Rooms options, with riddles that involve crime, the 25th April Revolution, Fernando Pessoa or even the Discoveries!


  1. Get in another reality… the virtual one!

One of the funniest things to do in Lisbon when it rains is to venture into a virtual reality experience.

Whether you want to be on the other side of the world in seconds, do an exploration to Mars, get in a car race or climb Everest, everything is possible!


  1. Go to the theater

If you don’t remember the last time you went to the theater, it is good that you are reading this list of things to do in Lisbon when it rains. The Portuguese theater is getting better and better, and nowadays there are plays for all tastes, many of them in English.

In fact, there is no shortage of plays in Lisbon, so start organizing your agenda when you visit Lisbon!


  1. An unforgettable ride on the Tagus River

Have a truly thrilling experience even on rainy days and sail the Tagus River by boat. See some of Lisbon’s most iconic monuments from the Tagus river without rain, while tasting a fantastic bar and catering service and listening to your favorite music on board.

In addition, you can organize your event on board, whether it’s a wedding, baptism or birthday party, student reunions or even bachelor/hen parties!


With these 6 things to do in Lisbon when it is raining there is no excuse to not enjoy these days in the Portuguese capital! Choose your favorite activity and have fun.

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